CarpiGiovani English version. An introduction to CarpiGiovani- the official website for young people created by the Youth Policies office of the Municipality of Carpi in english. 



CarpiGiovani is the Youth Municipality Network in Carpi dedicated to young people (age 12-28). A digital newsroom for young people in town and surrounding area, who are directly involved in the project.


Online since March 2014, CarpiGiovani is a digital newsroom made possible by the partnership of institutional partners such as Carpi Municipality- Culture and Youth Division, Youth Division of Unione Terre d’Argine and non-profit partners such as Volunteering Foundation, Fossoli Foundation; Ausl, Libera contro le Mafie, Cooperativa Nazareno etcetera.




 - having a digital and social newsroom made by local young people for other young people;


- be a showcase  of  youthful creativity  declined in the plurality of contemporary artistic languages (concerts, contests, photo exhibitions, cartoon workshops, communication and current affairs, dance, street art);


- offer to young people a free center where to meet spontaneously, which is safe, and at the same time offering them a cultural space reserved for the youngest generations (Spazio Giovani Mac’è );


-  prevent discomfort in young people through targeted projects of psychological support (Free Entry) and prevention of abuse (Educativa di Strada );


-  provide institutional information on discounts reserved to the target in the regional territory (Young ER-card) and on dedicated services  (Taxi anch’io );


- represent an opportunity for practical work training, allowing young people to establish a constant contact with municipal professionals who coordinate them (exchange). In this way young people will participate actively in the planning of institutional activities affecting them;


- offer an experience that fosters the process of innovation and renewal of the public administration.




Spazio Giovani Mac'è (Youth Centre of Carpi)

Sale Prova (Rehearsal Studio)

Free Entry

Young ER-Card



CONTACT OUR NEWSROOM ON FACEBOOK: CarpiGiovani ; Spazio Giovani Mac'è

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